After all the blood, sweat and tears, I find it too difficult to introduce innovation into Education. Even via renowned professors, like Prof. Krashen, little can be achieved. That’s the very reason criticism on Education still gets tons of attention from the public.

And that explains why the window of opportunity is still open, as a challenge calling for the brave. The activist organization–weChallengeEducation–thus, is born today.

P.S. The name “weChallengeEducation” is formatted in camel style like iPhone and eBay–which lowercases the first character and combine all the other words as capital letters into one word.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camel_case

Steve Jobs–從小就是個壞學生

改變世界的那個男人,Steve Jobs,描述自己小時候的故事,對身為人師的筆者有點太衝擊了,特此記錄。影片中談到 Jobs 小時覺得學校太無聊,所以常常受處罰,甚至 played pranks on others(罷凌!?)。後來小學四年級時,有個老師告訴他 “I’ll give you 5 bucks if you finish it [workbook].” 對於這兩個小故事,以下為筆者心得。

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托福, 雅思, GRE的考生們,別忘了你為什麼學英文

透過影片,我們可以看到哈佛商學院的 Case Study 上課現場。針對一個社會的重大議題,與會者分享看法,接受他人質疑,同時傾聽並挑戰他人的想法。過程精彩刺激,更為學生們武裝未來進入職場的最佳能力:「Critical Thinking」。

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Wework 市值曾是 Tesla 數倍的超級公司,它驚人的成功經驗,到最後創始人被踢出公司的故事,讓 Apple TV 為它拍了一整季的記錄片(WeCrashed)。十集的內容完全沒讓我失望!

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Questionnaire Tips

Narrative context matters, e.g., Smoking while praying VS Praying while smoking. The former context is on the site where people pray, and the latter context is on the site where people smoke.