NCHU English Corner

參加過口說社團,但從沒見過真正的 English Corner。試著在中興辦了這個英語角,目前掛在英語看世界課程底下,期待將來在學校的某個小角落,每周二或週三晚上,固定的一段時間,任何人過來,都能找到一群人可以用英語閒聊,交朋友。

Johnny 說的好,英語不是數學!在口說角裡,不要在意錯誤,重點是溝通!

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Behavior Modification via Lubrication 行為潤滑

In the field of Behavior Modification or Motivation, there hasn’t been any studies discussing this “Lubrication” topic as far as I know. The phenomenon, however, is very common in our daily life. Take drink water for example. When the water is available beside the working position, people tend to drink more and thus become healthier (sbd help locate the ref for me). From the perspective of psychology, it is called a cue. But from my point of view, as a fan of Behavioral Economics, I would say it is because the cost reduction of the target behavior lubricates the decision making process inside our brain.

As a professional habit formation researcher, I can tell you both the idea of cue and of the cost reduction theories hold true, since neural scientists have evidenced our brain operates with a parallel system consisting of reflective and conscious network.

語言學習會被「翻譯系統」取代嗎? Is Language Learning Going Deprecated?

個人認為,在「語言」整個被腦波溝通取代之前,外語學習是不會被取代的。除了影片中語言學家的專業解釋,以下提供個人的 two cents:

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生命教育:承擔責任 VS 現在開始還來的及!


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