Peer Review in Elsevier

最近獲邀幫 Elsevier 審論文,本文蒐集重點筆記供大家參考。

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首先,筆者按照建議,上了 Elsevier 的 Peer Review 教學網頁,了解他們想看到什麼。

At 11:18, The editor wants opinion regarding this list.

At 10:30, the example of strength, weakness, and overall contribution. 這個部份應該是等每個章節的評論寫完後,再回來第一段最後寫。

At 12:10, the major comment example.

minor comments

Check the appendix for methods.

The interpretation should not go beyond the data, while the sum-up should go beyond instead and into the grand scheme.