Agree, Disagree, or Oppose! 同意與反對

oppose 這個字可以直接 + 你想反對的東西。然而,也可以寫成 be opposed to + 想反對的東西。注意,be opposed to 在這邊不是被動式,而是形容詞 。其中,opposed = 是反對的;to = 對於。

  • I am opposed to abortion. = 我是反對的對於墯胎。
  • I oppose abortion. = 我反對墯胎。
  • I am in opposition to abortion. = 我站反對立場對於墯胎(正式語氣)
  • I am against abortion. = 我反對墯胎。(口語)



稍稍同意:I tend to agree, Up to a point, To some extent, By and large yes, Kind of, but the way I see it,

Tips: 少用反對