Need 需要

need sth: 需要某物(可加that來修飾那個被需要的東西 [bb w=”need” ][/bb]

in need of: 需要某物(強調時間上長期地欠缺某物( [bb w=”need” ][/bb]

the need for: …的需求([bb w=”need” ][/bb]

neet to: 需要去([bb w=”need” ][/bb]

need sb to : 需要某人去([bb w=”need” ][/bb]

need sth to / sth is needed to: 需要…以便於(這裡接 sth 時,其意思和接 sb 的時候差很多([bb w=”need” ][/bb] / [bb][/bb]

need sth to be : 需要某物去被… ( [bb w=”need” ][/bb]

need sth adj: 需要…變成…(通常是接被動式,可說是need sth to be的shorthand([bb w=”need” ][/bb]