List style in APA7 (Seriation)

Lettered list

在同一句裡想使用 list 來強調 item,APA風格下不可放數字

Participants provided information about their (a) level of education, (b) income, (c) occupation, and (d) family size.

若 item 中已經有逗號,就要利用分號來分開

Participants provided information about their (a) level of education; (b) income, specified at the family level; (c) occupation, including both specific role and industry; and (d) family size.


The study tested three groups of students: (a) children who attended a publicly funded pre-K program, (b) children who attended a privately funded pre-K program, and (c) children who did not attend a pre-K program.

Each child was seated at a separate station and given one of the following: (a) an elephant, which all children could see but not touch in Experiment 1; (b) a kangaroo, which half of the children could see but not touch and half of the children could both see and touch in Experiment 1; or (c) both the elephant and the kangaroo.

Bulleted list:順序不重要

一個 bullet 就是一句話,所以首字要大寫。

What follows are samples of participants’ responses:

  • “This version is easier to use.”
  • “Version two seems better organized.”
  • “It took me a few minutes to learn how to use this version, but after that, I felt more comfortable with it.”

利用冒號,把一句話拆開成 bullets,請注意標點符號還留著。

In December 2018, British Columbia had an extreme storm that caused:

  • massive damage due to high winds,
  • widespread power outages that lasted many days, and
  • flooded roads.

利用冒號,把一句話拆開成 bullets,請注意標點符號刪掉了。

This storm affected multiple areas on Vancouver Island, including:

  • Nanaimo
  • Duncan
  • Ladysmith
  • Victoria

Numbered list:順序重要

Keep the following steps when creating a number list:

  1. Create the numbered list using the numbered list function on Microsoft Word or similar program.
  2. Set off Arabic numerals at the beginning of each item with a period rather than parentheses (i.e., “2.” rather than “(2)” or “2)”)
  3. Begin each item in the numbered list with a capital letter, and follow appropriate sentence punctuation throughout the list, using end marks like periods, exclamation, or question marks where required.