Daily, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, hard… 副形詞!

Hourly sth 每小時的

Hourly 每小時地

Daily sth 每日的(routine 例行公事

Daily 每日地(hit the spot 正是需要的

Weekly sth 每週的 (wage 工資,尤指支付給體力勞動者並通常按週計算的

Weekly 每週地(twice = two times

Monthly 每週的

Monthly 每週地(annually 每年地

Quarterly 每季的(swing from… to… 大轉變

Quarterly 每季地(instalment 分期付款

Yearly 每年的

Yearly 每年地(index 編入索引、指標裡


Hard 努力地、辛苦地(請注意 hardly 是「幾乎不」的意思喔!

Hard sth 困難的(第一個 hard 為形容詞!第二個為副詞!

highMiss Lee lives in a high building.The kite flies high.
lowShe said it in a very low voice.The planes fly low across the river.
earlyI like being a little early for interviews.Please come early.
lateSorry, I am late.We arrived late because of bad weather.
fastI took a fast train to Tainan.Young boys grow fast.
hardShe is a hard worker.He worked very hard.
longI’ve been waiting a long time.My mom worked all day long.
nearHe will be retired in the near future.As the date of her wedding drew near, she became very anxious.
deepTake a few deep breaths and calm down.He went deep into the forest.