Be Done vs Be Finished = 結束 vs 做完

We are finished. 從字面上來看似乎是「被動式」,描述人們「被做完了」,然而事實上,這句話的意思卻是描述人們「主動做完了」,意思很怪對吧?英語描述「完成」的概念時,特別講究。除了用完成式之外,還可利用 be finished or done + with。這邊的 finished 若查字典,其實變身成了形容詞,描述某人「是處於 (be) 做完的狀態 (finished)」。要知道,這種奇怪的用法表示它在英語中一定是相當常見,值得英語學習者深入探討。


finish + sth = 完成某事。這個用法暗指某件你努力了很久的事情終於被解決了,內含「成就感」的語氣 Ref. 。也因為暗指經過長期的努力,時間上指的是過去的一段時間,所以必需搭配 have 變成完成式。例如 I’ve finished the work finally. 這邊的 finally 強化了長期努力的語氣。

do + sth = 做了某事。這個動詞的時間概念只有一個點,如果使用完成式,那就代表影響到現在的某件事。例如 The things they have done make people

做完了的(常見於 American English)

be finished / through 暗指透過努力或意志做完了某個階段 or 還有更多階段需要投入時間。而 be done 暗指事物已經歷並跑完所有階段 or 不會再投入時間

I am not through just yet – I should be finished in an hour. (人做完了的,暗指完成階段性任務,注意美式英語 be through = be finished)
We can move in as soon as building work is finished.(事物做完了的,暗指建築透過人的努力完成)
As soon as I am done, I’ll give it to you. (人做完了的,暗指所有階段都跑完了)
Let’s just give them what they want and be done with it. (人做完了的,暗指不再花時間去想這件事情)
I’m done cleaning the window.
The cake is done. (事物做完了的,這邊指烤好了,暗指蛋糕已跑完所有流程)

完蛋了的(常見於 British English)

If the bank refuses to increase our loan, we’re finished! (人完蛋)
This scandal means that his career is finished. (事物完蛋)
If we get caught, we’re done for. (人完蛋,注意此用法習慣加個 for)


She says she’s finished with that guy.(人際關係到盡頭的)
The rebels’ ammunition is almost finished.(事物到盡頭的)

I’m finished with the lopper, and its yours now.
Are you done with those scissors yet?

How much does the finished product cost?
The house has a finished basement.
Although it has yet to happen, reform of the sector is regarded as a done deal.


be finished with = 做完了的

be finished doing = 做完了的(暗示階段性完成,可能還會再花時間)

be done doing = 做完了的(暗示「終止」,不會再花時間)


have finished sth = 做完了(此為 finish 最正常的用法,然而英語不滿足於此。

have finished V-ing = 做完了(此為 finish 最正常的用法,然而英語不滿足於此。

Let’s just give them what they want and be done with it. 與 finished 不同的地方在於,done 描述的是完全不會再去碰的狀態。

be done with = 了結掉。

be done with = 厭煩了

被動式 finished / done

身為英語學習者,看到 be finished 直覺就是「被動式」。沒錯,確實這兩個字可以這樣子理解。然而,意思比較特別,是「完蛋了」的意思。

be finished = 完蛋了、死定了(做被動式理解時,那就是人「被做完」了

be done for = 完蛋了、死定了(做被動式理解時,那就是人「被結束」了

意思卻是人們已經「做完了蛋糕」。要表達這個意思,直翻的話應該會變成 People have finished the Cakes. 反觀 Cakes are done. 因為 done 是 do 的被動式,所以字面上好像說蛋糕「被做了」。然而實際上,意思卻是蛋糕「被完成了」。


be half-finished with = 半完成

is finished with = 使用完了,finished 在這邊是形容詞「用完了的」,而不是「做完了的」

be finished 例句裡的意思是該飾品「被完成」with velvet(絲絨)ribbon & bone tag。

be topped off 是 be finished 被動用法的進階用字,意思是「被圓滿完成」。 top sth off 原意是做糕點等食品時,最後要放上一顆孆桃來完成整個作品。

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