Augustus 神聖又偉大的人–羅馬

七月 July 的來源是羅馬皇帝凱撒 (Caesar) 的名 Julius,而八月 August 的來源則是他的繼承人奧古斯都 (Augustus)。然而,請注意「奧古斯都」是一個稱號,代表偉大 (majestic) 或者神聖 (venerable)。如果說凱撒以其個人之能力與軍功,在歷史留下了名,那麼奧古斯都大帝,則是因為他徹底改造了古羅馬迅速擴張後搖搖欲墜的政體,真正帶領人民走出了貧困且充滿鬥爭的生活,而在歷史留下了人們對他的尊稱。從當代的眼光看來,奧古斯都的成就,絕不亞於他的 Great Uncle–Caesar。

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在面試或者各種演說場合前,若能在投影片完成後試著練習講演看看,便能增加熟悉度且修正許多缺失。好消息是,當代在網路上有許多免費的「影片錄製軟體」供您於練習時順便錄影。站在第三者的立場看一次自己實際的表現後,更能注意到各種需要改進的細節!本文將推荐介紹 PowerPoint, Google Slide, Screencastify, Activepresenter 四項(幾乎)免費的工具,並附上一些簡報及面試的技巧教學。

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The Language Education of Tomorrow

The role of a teacher has evolved several times these days, including leader, lecturer, instructor, logistician, consultant, host, inspirer, master, and manager. These are all necessary roles at the scene of education from the perspective of Darwinism.

The Leader set up goals to guide students through suitable route toward effective and efficient knowledge gaining or success in the contest of academia. After that, some focus on knowledge copying from the lecturer toward the listener, while others prefer taking the role as an instructor to help students learn through materials such as books or videos on their own. To facilitate the whole education context, the logistician provides convenient facilities, and the consultant helps out once a problem emerges. Sometimes, interactive activities are hosted in the name of things like oral speaking practice, or just for fun. Learners are delicate souls easy to get frustrated, where inspirers come into play. To master, masters are needed in terms of secret tips or mantra. Along this journey, the notorious manager keeps a tab on everyone via tests and exams to ensure the correctness as well as secure proper academic performance.

Note. An instructor is a person whose job is to teach people a practical skill. cambridge reference.

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卡牌遊戲–Visual Novel

Voice of cards: The Isle Dragon Roars 由知名遊戲製作人「Yoko Taro from Square Enix」,再次給我們帶來了驚喜!從音樂製作到故事內容,皆屬經典。

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Google Drive + Site = Portfolio(個人作品集製作

Portfolio,原意是「公事包 or 資料夾」,當代則有「作品集」的意思。這裡面會放個人的各種「成就」,簡單來說,就是要拿出來給人看自己有多厲害的包包。不同領域的人會放不同的東西,例如平面設計師會放他最自豪的設計成果,諸如名片、logo 等等作品。借助數位化技術,Portfolio 可以是一個網頁,裡面放上各種文字、圖片、甚至是影片,提供給新認識的朋友、合作伙伴、或者入學 or 工作面試官,一個豐富多元又方便快速了解您的途徑!此外,就算不需要求職,也建議製作一份 Portfolio 並定期維護,透過網路蒐尋,說不定會有大公司人力資源部門(HR, human resource) 或者意想不到的合作機會找上門!


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