Give VS Lose VS Win 給予、使失去、使贏得(授與動詞的用法 the Dative Verbs

在 Pirates of the Caribbean 影片中,筆者了解到 lose 這個字竟然可以當「授與」動詞!?參考 Britannica 字典,第四條:to cause (someone) to fail to win or keep (something)

lose sb sth 使…失去…(Pearl 是船的名子,這個用法是 give 的相反

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小巨人 Zion & 母親 Kimberly

筆者很喜歡這句話:「很多糟糕的事情。但我向上帝發誓,當我媽取得了我(get ahold of me),剩下的你都知道了(the rest is history)」。在 Ellen 訪談其養母時,我們才得以理解,Zion 的樂觀向上,源自於這位開朗陽光的母親–Kimberly。

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Reddit 全美最大八卦集散地

目前美國最古老的論壇 → Reddit ←,裡面什麼都有,除了有趣好玩,或者大開眼界之外,更能深入了解美國文化,若需要留學或者於外商公司工作,一定要養成每天滑一點的習慣!首先,來看看 PewDiePie 介紹 Reddit 上的 Bad Design 版。

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NCHU English Corner

參加過口說社團,但從沒見過真正的 English Corner。期待將來在中興大學的某個小角落,每周二或週三晚上,固定的一段時間,任何人過來,都能找到一群人可以用英語閒聊,交朋友。活動內容就只是「free talk」,兩兩一組輪流扮演 speaker & listener (五分鐘一輪),十分鐘換一次組員。所以在兩個人簡單打完招呼後,請先決定誰要先當 speaker。


Marianna Pascal 舉了一個相當生動的,她在馬來西亞遇到的案例來解釋這個概念「一個人用英語溝通的能力和英語實力 (English level) 沒什麼關係」,希望學習者不要害怕自覺英語實力不足,害怕犯文法錯誤而想太多,應將重點放在溝通。

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Behavior Modification via Lubrication 行為潤滑

In the field of Behavior Modification or Motivation, there hasn’t been any studies discussing this “Lubrication” topic as far as I know. The phenomenon, however, is very common in our daily life. Take drink water for example. When the water is available beside the working position, people tend to drink more and thus become healthier (sbd help locate the ref for me). From the perspective of psychology, it is called a cue. But from my point of view, as a fan of Behavioral Economics, I would say it is because the cost reduction of the target behavior lubricates the decision making process inside our brain.

As a professional habit formation researcher, I can tell you both the idea of cue and of the cost reduction theories hold true, since neural scientists have evidenced our brain operates with a parallel system consisting of reflective and conscious network.