The Bottom-Group schedule

The classroom schedule should be based on the bottom group, or to put it bluntly, the slow learners.

Disclaimer: Just because they learn slowly, it doesn’t mean they will learn slowly, they are not smart or they are worse all things considered. Actually, most successful ones of my friends are slow learners.

The thing those schedule-ahead students need the most is “CHALLENGE”. They are smart, and thus they do not need the help from teacher. On the contrary, they need a chance to learn by themselves, that is, to discover the potential of their thriving skills. By contrast, the thing those slow learners, for the time being, need the most is the assistance from teachers, which is unfortunately always lacking, especially in Asia classroom.

Asia teachers are under pressure to produce good students with high score. Only when there is someone get good grades, are they accredited as a “good” teacher. Hence, they lead the classroom with Best-Group schedule, namely, teaching things that most students cannot follow up.

My dream is to rectify this mistake. The challenge will be the “definition” of good teachers given by the society. It is clear that to turn the leading styles of every Asia classroom into Bottom-Group schedule will takes tons of MONEY.

Best English Classroom Assistant

What is the essential tool every English classroom desires the most? Trust me, it is the vocabulary collector….

Imagin, if the teachers don’t have to worry about the fact students extremely lacking of vocabulary, how many colorful teaching style possibilities would show! On the other hand, if the students can memorize vocabularies with ease, how fun would it be to learning English!?

The solution is now at hand:

Worry Not! Teachers will never be replaced by robots.

Do you know what is very key of success? It is “PERSEVERANCE.”

Hands down millennials! I know it is bullshit to say that because the true problem everyone has is all about “HOW” to persevere or, to put it bluntly, keep your passion, get driven all the way, etc. Yes, that is really really tough for human beings to have perseverance; nonetheless, the the solution is just at hand–Teachers.

My ultimate dream is to invite teachers to step down the classroom stage to get along with students face to face, one by one…, as a mentor!

As to those low-level activities such as lecturing or homework reviewing, We can just designate AI robots to take good care of them~