Wework 市值曾是 Tesla 數倍的超級公司,它驚人的成功經驗,到最後創始人被踢出公司的故事,讓 Apple TV 為它拍了一整季的記錄片(WeCrashed)。十集的內容完全沒讓我失望!

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Questionnaire Tips

Narrative context matters, e.g., Smoking while praying VS Praying while smoking. The former context is on the site where people pray, and the latter context is on the site where people smoke.

The Language Education of Tomorrow

The role of a teacher has evolved several times these days, including leader, lecturer, instructor, logistician, consultant, host, inspirer, master, and manager. These are all necessary roles at the scene of education from the perspective of Darwinism.

The Leader set up goals to guide students through suitable route toward effective and efficient knowledge gaining or success in the contest of academia. After that, some focus on knowledge copying from the lecturer toward the listener, while others prefer taking the role as an instructor to help students learn through materials such as books or videos on their own. To facilitate the whole education context, the logistician provides convenient facilities, and the consultant helps out once a problem emerges. Sometimes, interactive activities are hosted in the name of things like oral speaking practice, or just for fun. Learners are delicate souls easy to get frustrated, where inspirers come into play. To master, masters are needed in terms of secret tips or mantra. Along this journey, the notorious manager keeps a tab on everyone via tests and exams to ensure the correctness as well as secure proper academic performance.

Note. An instructor is a person whose job is to teach people a practical skill. cambridge reference.

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Behavior Modification via Lubrication 行為潤滑

In the field of Behavior Modification or Motivation, there hasn’t been any studies discussing this “Lubrication” topic as far as I know. The phenomenon, however, is very common in our daily life. Take drink water for example. When the water is available beside the working position, people tend to drink more and thus become healthier (sbd help locate the ref for me). From the perspective of psychology, it is called a cue. But from my point of view, as a fan of Behavioral Economics, I would say it is because the cost reduction of the target behavior lubricates the decision making process inside our brain.

As a professional habit formation researcher, I can tell you both the idea of cue and of the cost reduction theories hold true, since neural scientists have evidenced our brain operates with a parallel system consisting of reflective and conscious network.