so on and so forth, and the like, and all, and such/suchlike, such and such, you name it, etc, and whatnot, blah, this and that, things (stuff) like that 之類的

and so on等等,(暗指還有更多!

so on and so forth 等等之類的(前面的字較長或者口語停頓較長會使用, widespread proliferation 廣泛的激增

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and the like 之類的( flounder 艱苦掙扎

and all (that sentence / that kind of things)以及那些(後面省掉了一堆東西,供讀者想像,也常見 把後面的東西寫出來

and such 之類的( gig 工作

and suchlike 之類的東西

such and such 諸如此類(不想明講

such and such a 如此這般(不想明講

you name it, they’ve got it(想得到的他們都有

and whatnot (之類的,語氣最短,最不正式,勿用於學術作文

blah blah blah 學術寫作請誤勿使用

this and that 這些那些

(things) stuff like that 像那樣的事或物