Relate 深度解析

點擊進入影片會看到此句:「Elliot had a bowel infection most likely from birth complications relating to the placenta (胎盤)」。然而大部份的人應該會認為「不是 related to」才對嗎?這個亞洲的 YouTuber 講錯了吧?不不不,她是 native speaker….

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As = 因為 = 當 VS because, since, for, when, while — 英語用法介紹

當「因為」使用時,As / Since 的理由很明顯,是一種補充語氣的用法。例如 We should head back since/as it’s starting to rain. 至於 for 則是用於文學體,會搭配一些文藝的用語,並特別注意要搭配「逗號」。例如 Abigail lowered her head and wept, for she knew her Tom was dead. 正常狀況,就使用 because / because of / owing to / due to 例如 The concert has been cancelled owing to lack of interest. 如果要強調順序,可使用 as a result of / as a consequence of / in the wake of,口語上則可以說 thanks to。詳參 → 英語描述「因為&結論&因此&結果」

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