fanatic, fanatical, frantic, frenetic, maniac, manic, psycho, psychopathic, frenzied, frenzy

a fitness / film fanatic(狂熱者

Her devotion to her pets was fanatical(狂熱的

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Where on earth have you been? We’ve been frantic with worry.(發狂的,這個字和emotion有關,指的是情緒失控

a frenetic attempt to beat a deadline(狂亂的,這個字和energy有關,一般是受「擔憂啟動」

He’s kind of manic – I wish he’d calm down.(狂躁的,這個字指出該人因興奮或擔憂而表現出「行為」上怪怪的,也就是「躁」的意思

he drives like a maniac(狂躁者

He was said to have a psychopathic personality(精神病的

The man’s a psycho.(瘋子

The office was a scene of frenzied activity this morning.(狂暴的,這個字帶有一點「violence」的味道

In a frenzy of rage she hit him(狂暴