snare, trap, ensnare, entrap 陷阱與圈套

Trap 是陷井的總稱 (bear trap, mouse trap…)

水管的彎折處把下水道的沼氣困在右邊,所以也被稱為是一種 trap

當動詞用時,連大氣層把熱困在地球週圍,都可以使用 trap 這個字

Snare 帶有繩圈或鐵圈的圈套,或者用網子的陷阱

a device that has a loop (called a noose) which gets smaller when the end of it is pulled and that is used to catch animals : a kind of trap 例如:a rabbit snare。這種陷井的特色是「有時會用誘餌,愈掙扎愈逃脫不了」

搭配的字常用「get caught in」,常見 snare 後面還會加 trap

當動詞時,snare 帶有一種誘騙的畫面(不像 trap 是一瞬間的畫面)

Entrap 思想上落入了陷井

to cause someone to do something that they would not usually do
I firmly believe my son has been entrapped by this cult.

Ensnare 在制度上落入了陷井,且愈掙扎愈無法脫身

to catch or get control of something or someone
They wanted to make a formal complaint about their doctor, but ended up ensnared in the complexities of the legal system.