Case Study — TOEFL Listening

TPO-1-2-6 ⭐⭐⭐

I find Frantzen to be a very accessible artist.I mean, some artists, to appreciate them, you have to know their life story. But here’s a little bit about Rose Frantzen’s life anyway.

這題 accessible 沒聽出來的話,可以注意到後面的 anyway,暗指了前面那句的意思是說不太需要知道。

TPO-1-5-6 ⭐⭐⭐

What are three things the professor says about the artwork of Catalhoyuk?
A. It was clearly important to the Catalhoyuk religion B. It became covered with soot C. It often shows farmers at work D. Its significance is unknown E. It contains many hunting scenes

本題的 B 很難聽到,導致考生很容易選 ADE。然而細想 A 雖有印像,然而 clear 真的是有錯呀!此題難在聽力好的學生很怕選那個沒聽到的選項,也就是所謂的「排除法」。

TPO-2-5-2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Now, something else I value is teaching. Why? Well, it brings in a modest income, but I could make more money doing other things. I’d do it even if they didn’t pay me. I just enjoy teaching. In that sense it’s an end to itself.

本題答案是教授認為 teaching 對她來說是純 intrinsic 的。難點在於聽者可能自己會認為有錢所以也有一點點 extrinsic。特別注意考試必需要找 hint,也就是說,要從講者講的話去找證據,而不是從你自已的邏輯出發去選答案。而細看本題的說法,教授其實用了紅句 diss 了錢這個外生性的價值。客觀來說教授承認了有,然而就考題來說,教授在 diss 所以教授認為對她而言沒有。

TPO-5-3-? ⭐⭐

But there are compelling reasons in favor of another Moon landing too, um… not the least of which is trying to pinpoint the moon’s age.

not the least of which is = 主要是。這個用法網路上查不太到意思,筆者特別於此記錄。

And we need to find out, because much more than the crust, the mantle contains information about a planet’s or Moon’s total composition.

Mantle 與 Crust 不知道的話會很難聽懂。圖片來源:

TPO-5-4-1 ⭐⭐⭐

What is the conversation mainly about?

A. An assignment about which the student would like advice

B. Concerns as to whether the student should be in the professor’s course

C. The selection of films to be viewed by students in a film theory course

D. The structure and sequence of courses in the Film Department

A 問句比較特別,原句 = An assignment which the student would like advice about.

特別注意到有的聽力題會問 purpose 而有的則是 mainly about,A 選項為 purpose 所以 B 才是答案。

TPO-6-2-6 ⭐

And people were borrowing—mortgaging their homes, in many cases—to obtain those bits of paper because they were sure they’d found an easy way to make money.

如果知道 mortgage 是「抵押貸款」,那就能很容易地選對答案。

TPO-6-3-1 ⭐⭐⭐

What topic related to the Nightcap Oak does the professor mainly discuss?  A. factors that relate to the size of the area in which it grows

這題有理解陷井,in which it grows 可以理解成整個熱帶雨林,然而也可以理解成他成長的地方。如果讀者只理解成前者,就會選另一個好像可以的答案。然而本句是兩個理解都成立,也就是說要依情況來理解。所以在答題的情境下,理解成後者就可以是正確答案。

TPO-6-3-5 ⭐⭐

to point out that Nightcap Oak’s limited reproductive success has not led to a decrease in its population.

如果照字面翻譯紅字部份,那就是「有限度的成功」。然而特別注意 limited 是一個負面詞,所以翻成「不怎樣的成功」會更正確地理解,才能選對答案。

TPO-6-4-2 ⭐

A. she often has trouble understanding what other students are saying

C. she is aware that her own dialect differs from those of her roommates

此題難在看到 A 選項是正確的就不再去看其他選項了。雖然 A 比 C 選項更接近原文,但若把 roommate 考慮進來,那 A 選項的 students 就顯的範圍太大了!

TPO-6-6-4 ⭐⭐⭐

What started the runway effect that led to the Sahara area of north Africa becoming a desert?

A. the prevailing winds became stronger

B. the seasonal rains moved to a different area

C. the vegetation started to die off in large areas

D. the soil lost its ability to retain rainwater


TPO-6-6-5 ⭐⭐

And some people take this a step further–and that’s okay, that’s science–and they hypothesize that this migration actually provided an important impetus in the development of ancient Egypt. Well, we’ll stay tuned on that.

B. It is problematic because it goes too far beyond the generally available data

C. It raises an interesting possibility and he hopes to see more evidence for it

最後面的 stay tuned on that 可以發現是正面態度。然而若「沒聽到」youtuber 常說的 stay tune 就很可能被中文習慣影響,認為 that’s okay 是抱持負面態度。此時應注意 that’s okay 是一個中性的態度。如果托福想傳達負面看法,那語氣一定會變慢,然後明確指出什麼地方有問題。

TPO-8-1-1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

C. To find out the exact requirements for graduation
D. To submit a document required for graduation

本題很特別,出自影片開頭的第二句話,相當容易錯過。如果聽者錯過了,排除法後會發現這兩個選項都可能是答案。這邊要新學一招「反證法 proof by contradiction」,首先假設 C 成立,那麼對方應該會講什麼呢?對方講你的某某學分沒到是不是有點怪呢?只要掌握了這個方法,就算沒聽到也能選對 D。

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