Reported Speech & Non-Backshift Rule

英語在描述「某人那時說…」時,有些特殊的習慣稱為「Reported Speech(被報告的講法)」,影片中有詳細介紹。本文特別蒐集兩個資源來補充影片中未詳細解釋的特例 — Non-Backshift Rule

Non-Backshift Rule

He told me his brother works for an Italian company. (It is still true that his brother works for an Italian company.) 本句現在式代表長期事實,過去現在未來都包括,所以不需要後移時態。

She said she is getting married next year. (For the speakers, the time at the moment of speaking is ‘this year’.) 現在進行式可以描述「打算」,而這個打算的事在對話的當下尚未發生,所以不需要後移時態。

He said he has finished painting the door. (He probably said it just a short time ago.) 現在完成式可以描述剛剛發生的事情,所以如果後移時態那聽者就會誤解成很久以前的事情。

She said/promised she will help us. (The promise applies to the future.) 當遇到類似承諾的意思時,很可能在未來才會發生,那也不需要將時態後移。