Risk 的用法:at the risk of, at risk of, at risk from

注意!Subtle Difference 爭議多,僅供高階英語學習者利用,也歡迎留言指出可能的錯誤。

at the risk of 最常聽到此用法,通常會接可能發生的狀況(不一定是危險):At the risk of sounding like a pedant, I think the comma should be used in these cases.

沒有 the 的話,就是指「危險」:The children are at risk of losing their after-school program, because the school district has not been able to secure additional funding.

At Risk From

這個用法最少見,也最易讓人誤解,不過學起來的話,就能徹底搞懂 of 和 from 在英文裡的深意,以下摘錄網路上的資料:

Low-lying farmland may be at risk of flooding this weekend => 洪水可能會來。

Low-lying farmland may be at risk from flooding this weekend => 洪水一定會來,farmland 可能會處於危險之中。